Justice for All.

Journal for Amnesty.

The jfa is the LSESU Amnesty International Society’s annual journal. Its main goal is to provide students around the world with a platform to discuss, challenge, and review some of the main themes underlying the human rights discourse. We believe that journalism is an essential element of human rights advocacy, giving those who have been silenced a voice.



2018 - 2019 EDITION: A climate of change


The world is changing.

With the AfD becoming the second most popular party in Germany and the recent election of authoritarian nationalist Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the far-right is continuously on the rise. A caravan of people from Central America, walking towards the hope for a better life, is deemed a national security threat by President Trump and met with the mobilisation of the US troops. The WWF Living Planet report and IPPC warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an emergency that threatens civilisation and give us 12 years to stop climate change. At the same time, in a historic decision, India’s Supreme Court has finally ruled that gay sex is no longer a criminal offence. Progress has been made with a record number of women, including the first two Muslim representatives being elected in the recent US Midterm Elections. A novel lawsuit was filed by 21 young people who argue that the failure of government leaders to combat climate change violates their constitutional right to a clean environment.

This journal is dedicated to human rights issues at the intersections of climate change and the changing social, political ad environmental climate around the world.



Past editions:

2017-2018: WOMEN

2016-2017: THE CHILD