interested in contributing?

We’re always looking for contributors to help research and promote key human rights issues for the jfa, whether it be through articles, op-eds and academic writing, as well as poetry, creative writing and multimedia submissions (photography, film, audio). The guidelines below should give you an idea as to what to consider before sending in a pitch, draft, or submission.


The jfa is read by human rights activists, practitioners, journalists, and students all over the world. When submitting an article, do bear this in mind and think about what you would be interested in reading. We want to encourage debate, give people a platform, create new ideas, reconfigure “old” ideas, debunk myths, and generate new perspectives on human rights issues, debates, and discourses.

In adhering with this principle, we advise that articles are focused on human rights issues or issues that fall under this broad theme. Reading past editions of the journal before submitting your work will give you an insight into the type of pieces we are usually interested in submitting.


Articles are typically 1,000 – 1,500 words in length, which makes them between about one and a half and two and a half pages long (A4). We will consider longer submissions, though it is rare to publish these (see readership above).

Reviews can be up to 1,000 words long.


Our online journal provides an alternative platform for students who wish to pursue work in alternative multimedia, such as photography, video, or audio projects.



All contributions have to be researched and written to the highest standards, covering issues with a critical and analytical perspective. All articles are carefully considered before publication. In many instances, the editor in charge may contact you to to suggest, revise, and re-work a piece to help you improve or develop your work. If you’re a first time writer – we’ll help you every step of the way!


If you quote from a published source, be that online or in-print, please reference it appropriately using APA citation format.