contribute: Pitches and submissions



We are looking for concise articles centering around the topics of human rights, equality and justice. Your submission could be anything from sharing a personal perspective, to an issue you have experienced yourself to something you’re interested in researching further. The tone you use in your submission should reflect your unique voice. Do not try to be someone you are not, #beyourself.  

  • Your article should be between 800-1500 words long.

Use hyper-links instead of citations or references. The reader should be able to follow the links to find out more about your information source. If you are unsure how to create hyperlinks, simply place the URL of your information source in parentheses where you would like it placed and we will do the rest.

  • If possible, your written submission article should have at least 2 visual elements. For any images/graphics/videos/maps etc. placed in your article, please indicate in the text where these should be placed and name your image/graphic/video files accordingly. Remember, if any of these are not your own, then please also send us a link to the media so that we can trace and credit the source. 

Please follow the jfa style guide for more guidance on formatting your submission correctly.


We are expanding our photography, poetry, and art sections. For photography pieces, we accept everything from photo essays to photo collections. All we ask is that:

  • The photographs maintain the humanity, dignity, and respect of the subjects featured

  • The photographs are related to the broader theme of human rights, justice, and equality. 

For poetry and art submissions, we are open to anything - get creative! All we ask is that: 

  • The pieces are related to the broader theme of human rights, justice, and equality.

I would like to submit something but i am not sure if it is relevant

Don’t worry! Send over any idea you have and we’ll work on an angle together. Our team of editors have got your back.


Just send an email with your pitch/draft/art/photography to or and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

We have a no-ghosting policy. We know how difficult it is to get into contact with editors, much less to get your work published. Please do not hesitate to follow up on any emails if more than 1-2 weeks have passed since your initial pitch.