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The US-Mexico Border ‘Crisis’: what is (and is not) a solution

Soundarya Balasubramani

The crux of the issue is the biased lens through which we’re coerced into looking at the numbers. Among the largest OECD economies, the perceived proportion of migrants is usually around twice that of the actual proportion of migrants in the population as a whole. The intense fixation by political parties on the issue of migration has more to do with political agendas than economic underpinnings. The divisive nature of many political parties on this issue has shifted the focus away from the issue itself to a back-and-forth filibuster match. 

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Count to Two: A Photo Essay

Hailey Sadler

This essay focuses on individual portraiture of a generation born amidst this intricate, ever-changing, socio-political environment - an environment our generation is currently attempting to navigate. It is important to note, however, that these children are not ​‘faces of the refugee crisis’. These children are just ​children​. Tiny, individual ​humans, caught up through no fault of their own, in a complex reality of a world in flux.  

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Why I March

Juliette Marie

After joining the Collecti.e.f 8 maars, I began to consciously analyse more and more the status of inferiority women occupy in conversations, public spaces, and even within our own homes. Women are never given the same amount of respect as men, nor the space to use their voice equally.

“When we fight for women’s rights, it’s not just for daily rights, it’s not just for equality, we are fighting for emancipation of women.”

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