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“Good intentions are not enough:” Self-Serving Altruism and the White Saviour Complex

Nadja Wipp

The social media landscape has also provided a platform for people to perform, to depict volunteer work as heroic, and to construct an image of selflessness. Within this narrative framework, the volunteer’s identity while traveling becomes a ‘pure’ self - a Saviour (Attiah, 2016). Does this phenomenon not echo similar ideologies of colonialism, imperialism, and the project to ‘civilise’?

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A concentration on change

Derek Tahara

My grandparents did not understand that the President authorized an executive order enforcing the detainment of thousands of Japanese Americans, a decision that all started with the bombing of Pearl Harbor 1941. All they understood was that when the weather and time would allow it, they would be able to go outside and play.

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Ellen Waters

This poem explores the apathetic attitude towards the climate crisis and the ease with which it can be overlooked in favour of less disagreeable and daunting topics. It seeks to highlight the way in which people become spectators, feeling horror at the state of things whilst at the same time maintaining a detachment which prevents genuine progress from taking place. Ultimately, the piece shows how the imminence of this threat facing the younger generation can also work as a powerful motivator that stirs people to take action.

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Count to Two: A Photo Essay

Hailey Sadler

This essay focuses on individual portraiture of a generation born amidst this intricate, ever-changing, socio-political environment - an environment our generation is currently attempting to navigate. It is important to note, however, that these children are not ​‘faces of the refugee crisis’. These children are just ​children​. Tiny, individual ​humans, caught up through no fault of their own, in a complex reality of a world in flux.  

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Why I March

Juliette Marie

After joining the Collecti.e.f 8 maars, I began to consciously analyse more and more the status of inferiority women occupy in conversations, public spaces, and even within our own homes. Women are never given the same amount of respect as men, nor the space to use their voice equally.

“When we fight for women’s rights, it’s not just for daily rights, it’s not just for equality, we are fighting for emancipation of women.”

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Images from Darfur

William Keo

This work is not about morality, but about examining truth. I am interested in the complexity of these relationships because on one hand, the Janjaweed are men with the same fears and dreams as anyone else, even though they are the militia of the Khartoum government. It is important to show all dimensions humanity can occupy.

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