On Life and Loss

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An illustration based on The New York Time’s article, “To Save Abortion, We Have to Look Beyond Roe”. The article discusses how the U.S. government makes abortion a difficult process despite it being legal.

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Surabaya Bombing

In Surabaya, Indonesia, on May 2019, several churches and police stations suffered from suicide bombing attacks. The attack killed some people but what was more saddening, they were carried out by families, involving teenagers and children as suicide bombers.

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I Didn't Kill My Baby

The illustration is based on the New York Times’ article that talks about an obstetrician who lost one of her triplets because they were delivered prematurely in the 22nd week.

"On Feb. 5, during the State of the Union address, President Trump implied that women like me executed our babies after birth. On Tuesday, he repeated that same lie on Twitter after the nonsensical Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act failed to gain enough votes in the Senate to move forward. The bill would have put in place requirements for the care of infants born after failed abortions and might have locked up doctors who failed to comply. It is unclear how this bill might affect situations where parents decline, for medically appropriate reasons, to have their newborns resuscitated. The threat of criminal prosecution does not enhance anyone’s medical care."

About the illustrator

Dion MBD is an illustrator from Indonesia, and based in Sarasota, Florida who focuses on editorial and printed illustrations.

These illustrations were first published as part of LSESU Amnesty International Society’s annual human rights journal “A Climate of Change.”

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