Anushka Sisodia

She stands with her majestic head in the skies

and she swims effortlessly

in the ageless oceans,

timeless and evergreen;

unparalleled is her beauty

and her strength unmatched.


Our goddess, our home

our hands are pulling her apart,

and like a mother laden with the duty of love

she cradles her children close to her,

reluctant to show them her pain

but she does not know if she can stretch herself

anymore, don’t you see?


Because the pain is agonising

And she prays that the fatigue

would disappear from her body,

but when she lies down,

her sleep is not peaceful and

there are shadows that haunt her

of times to come, of demons

lurking around the corner.

She fears this story will turn bitter…


so be kind to her;

because her throbbing head and aching arms

cannot hold the load much longer and

and when we are beyond our ability

to stop her from breaking,

there will be no sound as sorry as her cries,

and no sight as terrible as the tears

spilling down her perfect face.

When her heart is shattered and

her body beyond repair,

then we will remorse

and then we will mourn,

our precious mother,

our precious home.

This poem seeks to reflect on the relationship between earth and humankind and provoke a sense of grief for ‘Mother Nature’, emphasizing the need to connect with, protect and cherish our planet.

This poem was first published as part of LSESU Amnesty International Society’s annual human rights journal “A Climate of Change.”

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