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Ellen Waters

This poem explores the apathetic attitude towards the climate crisis and the ease with which it can be overlooked in favour of less disagreeable and daunting topics. It seeks to highlight the way in which people become spectators, feeling horror at the state of things whilst at the same time maintaining a detachment which prevents genuine progress from taking place. Ultimately, the piece shows how the imminence of this threat facing the younger generation can also work as a powerful motivator that stirs people to take action.

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wasted generation 19/03

Antonia Langford

This poem is based on collective sentiments experienced by youth climate activists I encountered through the Fridays for Future demonstrations. It explores the recent intergenerational lens that has been applied to narratives about the environment and our duty/responsibility towards it. Originally a spoken word piece, it leans on the rhythmic and aural tropes of activist chants and anthems, seeking to connect to audiences on a visceral as well as linguistic level.

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The Way We Think About Environmental Issues is Wrong

Alienor Hammer

Only rare success stories exist amidst the ever-increasing number of unresolved environmental issues threatening our planet. Every time an environment-related issue is identified, mitigation efforts are targeted at reducing the environmental hazard, but do not address the structural inequalities that place individuals in a position of vulnerability in the first place.

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China’s New Environmental Leadership and its Implications for Human Rights: The Case of the Mekong River

Michael Shyer

The Mekong River snakes South-Southeast from its headwaters in the Tibetan Plateau on a journey through six countries: China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. For communities situated along the banks of the Mekong, the river plays multiple roles. It is the historical, artistic and cultural root for many local peoples, and simultaneously supplies the region’s fresh water and plays host to the world’s largest inland fishery (Herbertson, 2011). Over the past few decades, it has also become an important source of hydroelectric power and a target for development projects.

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Anushka Sisodia

When her heart is shattered and

her body beyond repair,

then we will remorse

and then we will mourn,

our precious mother,

our precious home.”

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The Human Cost of Wildlife Conservation

Arzucan Askin

Around the world, people, often indigenous, are becoming “conservation refugees” forced to leave their ancestral homelands for the creation of protected areas and wildlife reserves. Through this process of displacement, conservation has created racialized citizens and politicized landscapes.

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